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Building Green

Green Building Best Practices are incorporated into everything we do.

We’ve been doing some of these things since before it was called “Green building”. To us it is simply being smart about what we do. Be efficient with the materials, and pay attention to the details, because doing every step right is what makes a beautiful, long lasting project everyone can be proud of.

These principals include:

  • Deconstructing cleanly and efficiently:
    We have achieved a 90% recycling rate, reuse what we can and send as little as possible to the landfill
  • Highly skilled  builders who build better, tighter, homes and additions:
    We have experience framing with S.I.P.s (Structural Insulated panels), are able to incorporate advanced framing principles into most projects to improve insulation and reduce material (over)use. We really enjoy complex roof shapes and stairways, and Timber framing (a favorite).
     30 years of cutting wood and driving nails ensures to client and architect that details and dimensions are right, windows fit properly in openings, there is blocking where there should be blocking, and there is integrity in every aspect of the project.
  • Building envelope specialists and building science geeks:
    We never miss a chance to improve what we do. Being good at anything means always trying to be better. We attend seminars and conferences to learn the newest technology while keeping our feet firmly planted in what we know works from years of experience.
  • Low and No Toxicity Products are important to us.
    From no VOC paints and finishes to roofing products that don’t pollute runoff we promote materials that maintain long lasting beauty while protecting the environment.
  • Creating a long term plan for your home.
    Some of our clients need or want to remodel their home in stages. We’ll work with you to put together a multi-stage or multi-year plan in such a way to maximize efficiency.

High Performance Construction Means:

Advances in the performance of materials and construction techniques allow us to build much more energy efficient homes. Solar panels and other energy creating sources can turn any home into its own little power plant.

We can build a home that makes more energy than it uses.

To what degree we utilize this in a remodel however depends on the scope of the work and the client’s desires.  However every project we do benefits from our knowledge and ability in this area.  By studying  building science and energy systems we are able to create remodels and homes that reflect what is possible and deliver a superior product to our clients at a competitive price point.

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