LastingNest Eco-Builders, Seattle WA
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Build Tight, Just Right

Looking to expand or remodel your home to accommodate a growing family?

Have a vintage home you want remodeled the right way?

We are continuously researching and learning about new products and techniques while evaluating our current methods and materials to seek out way to improve each.  In this way we stay current with new design trends and building science advances so that we may bring new exiting possibilities to each project.

As builders we are always learning with each project, each client, architect and engineer. We have come to a combination of traditional craftmanship and cutting edge building science that brings out the best advantages in each. Plus, we have extensive experience in remodeling period Seattle homes.

We protect your environment.

Lastingnest is committed to leaving a better planet for the next generations.

This includes jobsite recycling,  which we are leaders in, reusing what we can, and minimizing what ends up in the landfill.

It also means that we protect your home and your health during the work.

We utilize a system known as “Total Jobsite Containment” to minimize dust intrusion, protect indoor air quality, and maintain the cleanliness of the home and the folks who live in it during and after your project.

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